Friday, December 30, 2011

SERBC 2012

You might already know Evan from the Forest Park shop. He works the evening shift usually and has a particularly good grasp of what it takes to represent Coffee & Crema. Please, come by and give him your support as he prepares to compete in the 2012 Southeast Regional Barista Competition. His capps and espresso are spot on and his signature drink is starting to take shape but you'll have to ask him about it if you want to know more. Most importantly, he possesses a professionalism I encourage others to emulate.

The final Thursday of the month, the day usually devoted to Latte Art Hoedowns and Odd Cup Out competitions, will this month be Evan's competition run through. This will be your chance to see his performance in its entirety and give him feedback before the judges in the competition have their way with him. Expect him to get started around 6 p.m. Come by and encourage him.

And Happy New Year!


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