Thursday, November 10, 2011

Siphon Brewing Workshop

Saturday, November the 19th, we will be holding a workshop at our Forest Park location. It is intended for anyone interested in learning the fundamental techniques for brewing siphon coffee. We will be training employees in all aspects of siphon brewing, including dosage, timing and technique. Customers and enthusiasts are invited to come by and watch, learn and participate in this practicum.

Coffee brewed by the employees during this training session will be free to the attendees. For those would like to brew their own siphon coffee we will happily walk through the process with you, charging standard siphon pricing for the coffees on hand plus a $5 surcharge for any 'ohmygodyoujustbrokethesiphon" accidents that might happen.

So, if you were thinking of buying a siphon for a loved one this holiday now would be a good opportunity to come by and get some firsthand experience with the device.

This workshop starts at 10 in the morning.


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