Sunday, May 01, 2011

National Photography Month

Not many people pick up and use their 35mm cameras anymore. Everyone talks about the camera they learned on or the one they have buried in the closet somewhere but they rarely take it out and use it anymore. Now's the chance.This month we'd like to invite everyone with a 35mm camera to come by the shop, grab a roll of film and take part in National Photography Month. Yes, there really is a month dedicated to photography. Here's how it will work:

Come by the shop and grab a roll of film. It's a roll of 12 exposures and will only set you back $1.50. Inside you'll find a color assignment. Journey into the world and find that color wherever you can. Shoot. Take the best shots you can. Subject matter isn't important. Taking a great photo is. Bring in the 4x6 prints you want to stick on the wall. You can post up to twelve photos for consideration.

The first week of June we'll tape the photos on the wall and everyone will get a month to vote on their favorites. The ten highest will be enlarged and put up for the month of July. The photographer will get first option to buy their piece and after that it's available to everyone else. The cost will only be what it cost us to produce it.

We're in talks with a local photo developing company to get a discount on the processing but we'll let you know more about that and any other details here at the shop.

Also, we do have one 35mm camera for people to use if they don't have one of their own. Bring a deposit for that though!


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