Friday, September 25, 2009

The September Hoedown

Last night's hoedown went really well with great pours coming out of everyone. Congratulations to Alex, who has yet again won with a pour of stunning proportions. He takes home a bag of the famed Panama Esmeralda for his efforts (which he plans to at least try as an espresso, he's already said). You can see pictures of the competition and winning pour at

After the competition our photographer mentioned that the shots he took for this competition are a lot better than the ones from even a few months ago. It seems that environment for latte art here in Greenville is starting to blossom, or rosetta, or whatever. Now that's great insofar as it goes but what it implies is even better: that the number of people taking a serious interest in coffee in the area is growing. Could Greenville have the beginnings of a revolution on its hands?

In other news, we are still taking pre-orders for the Panama Esmeralda. Eight-ounce bags are $34.95 and we can take the orders up until Monday afternoon. Tuesday (the 29th) they roast and We should have our lots by Wednesday. We'll also have a little Esmeralda available for pour-over and siphon brewing. 


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